Making Sun Safety Sexy

Annnnnd the DC heat is back for the season. Just last week, I was reaching for a coat in the morning, and now I’m sleeping on top of my covers, waiting for my apartment building to turn on the AC. While the weather has me dreaming about grilled corn on the cob, frozen swirl margaritas at Lauriol Plaza after work, and weekend road trips to the beach, it’s also a reminder to stock up on products that will protect your skin from sun damage. Not only do I want to help you avoid peeling and tightness after a day of laying out unprotected, but skin cancer rates are up among young women–young as in 20’s. 20’s! Nobody likes a lecture, so why not make sun safety sexy and fun? Why not think of it as an excuse to shop for some beach accessories? That way, you can still go and out and do everything you want, but your body won’t be suffering. A few things on my sun list this year are new sunscreen (check the expiration date on yours, or throw it out if you’ve had it for more than three years), a cute sun hat, and a chapstick with SPF in it for each purse so I’m always covered. I’m looking for a sunscreen that is light but contains Titanium Dioxide, which is crucial for blocking UVA and UVB rays. I’m thinking of trying Origins Sunshine State ($24.50), as I have yet to try anything from Origins and not fall in love with it. This Juicy Couture floppy hat is a bit outside my price range ($68) but I do have a birthday coming up…but at only $1.89 apiece, I will be stocking up on Chapstick Ultra with SPF 30.

What’s on your sun shopping list this spring?

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Have a Nice (Mon)Day

This weekend was the official to start to DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival which means a few things: 1) the tourists are back in full force so be prepared at all times to offer directions; 2) restaurants and shops are putting themed drinks and treats on their menus (I had the most incredible cherry blossom cupcakes from Crumbs on Saturday!) and 3) you’ll be spending more time outside, so you’ll want to be extra sure that you’re applying moisturizer with SPF as part of your morning routine. I like to use SPF products even during the colder weather months to prevent damage from harmful UV rays, so I have quite a few products to recommend, and a few new ones that I’m excited to try this spring! I thought I’d start with one of my absolute favorites, Have a Nice Day from Origins ($37.50). What I love about this moisturizer in particular is that it is perfect for the late winter/early spring transition. Rich in texture, it evens out the dry skin that is left over from winter, while the Titanium Dioxide and Vitamin E protect your skin while you’re sipping a margarita at a patio happy hour or going for an early evening jog to admire the cherry blossoms. I find that many moisturizers with SPF in them make my skin feel a little greasy, but this–like so many Origins products–just feels light and refreshing. And when you start you morning on such a positive note, how can you not Have a Nice Day?

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