Foods for Smoother Skin

I made the most of the thunderstormy weather today by giving my apartment a good cleaning and then holing up in the coffee shop of my favorite bookstore, Politics and Prose, with a double cappuccino, grilled cheese, and a good book. (I’m currently reading The Warmth of Other Suns ┬áby Isabel Wilkerson, and would highly recommend this nonfiction work about African Americans moving out of the South after the Civil War until about the 1970’s.) A relaxing Saturday is so therapeutic after a busy work week, but I’m hoping the weather clears up tomorrow so I can make a trip to the farmer’s market and grocery store by foot. While I’m a faithful gym-goer Monday-Friday, I like to exercise outside as much as possible on weekends by going to a park or walking around the city to get my errands done. You really see more of the city on foot, while saving some gas/Metro money and being environmentally friendly. As you’re making your shopping list for the week, you may want to think about adding these foods that help keep your skin smooth and prevent wrinkles, according to SELF magazine: citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, and red pepper. SELF is one of my favorite women’s health magazines because it takes a wholistic approach to health. Eating is not just about your weight–it’s also about how your body functions, protects itself, and feels. This article does a fantastic job of breaking down how different foods affect your skin. It’s a lot to absorb all at once, so I’ll break it down in weekly pieces, starting with foods that improve the texture of your skin. What do all the food above have in common? They are all high in Vitamin C, which is essential for collagen. Instead of spending a fortune on expensive collagen creams or treatments, just add a little a color to your shopping list for a much cheaper and tastier boost!

Do you have any suggestions for recipes using these skin-smoothing foods?

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