Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless

Skinsider is back from a little break! I feel bad about being that blogger that suddenly disappears, but occasionally life happens and you just have to put  things on hold. I have missed you though, and have been busy investigating some fun new skin products that I think you’ll enjoy! To kick things off, I’d like to introduce you to my blush of the moment. While admittedly I have yet to master the perfect smoky eye or find the perfect red lipstick (if you have any tips or suggestions, I’d love them), I actually find blush one of the hardest things to get just right. And when you nail it, I mean really accentuate the contour of your cheekbone with a color that makes it look like you jogged in place for just a few minutes, the results are stunning. Covergirl & Olay’s Simply Ageless, available from for $10.49,  applies so smoothly and evenly, compared to many powder blushes that tend to end up looking a little blotchy. The application pad that is included with the blush is super soft and makes it easy to blend the color along your cheekbones without leaving any streaks. I’d highly recommend this blush if you’re a gym-before-work girl and find it difficult to apply powder blush in the slightly steamy locker room. Speaking of, I’m making it my Friday goal to hit the treadmill tomorrow morning so I can spend the evening with friends. What are your weekend plans?

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