Welcome to Skinsider!

As a young professional living in D.C. (and working in the public sector), a disproportionate amount of my monthly budget goes to the agonizing rent and utilities check. This leaves me having to very carefully decide where the rest will be spent and what I am willing sacrifice to get there. Will it be a weekly meal out with the girls and more macaroni and cheese nights on my own? A new spring clutch or sundress and taking the metro/bus instead of a cab? The spring issue of Vogue and doing my own pedicures? It’s fun to dream about being able to do it all, but the truth is, having to be resourceful and creative can actually be fun. And it makes you consider the things that you can–and cannot–live without. I have realized that learning how to cook for myself is healthier than eating out frequently, and I actually enjoy trying new recipes. Browsing for books at my favorite bookstore, writing down the titles, and  getting them from the library is a little extra effort, but ends up saving me serious money. I look at discovering new ways to pair together clothes I already own as a fun challenge. BUT, the category I have realized I really don’t mind spending some money on is skin care products. I have accepted the fact that a good skin day and good hair day are rarely going to also converge on the day I nail an outfit. (You can probably remember the last glorious time the universe aligned to bring you all three…sigh.) Okay, so I can’t have all three all the time. That’s why I’ve chosen to focus on skin–because when I am having a good skin day, I just feel good. My skin is also the best indicator for how I am doing in general. When I am tired and stressed, I tend to develop breakouts around my chin and dry, uneven patches. When I’m drinking enough water and finding the willpower to tear myself away from my latest tv marathon (currently 30 Rock) and get 8 hours of sleep, my skin is smoother and the color is a brighter, healthier tone.

So, skin is my thing. I am interested in finding the best and most natural (but still effective) products for cleansing, toning, and clearing up breakups, but I am also interested in how lifestyle–what you eat, how much you sleep, what you’re exposed to every day–affects the health and appearance of your skin. It’s easy to forget that skin is a “body part,” so I don’t think we spend as much time thinking about how exercise affects our skin as we do our heart or lungs. But it’s actually the biggest organ we have. So here is to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. I don’t expect everyone to carve out a large chunk of their monthly budget for skin care products…who would write the amazing brunch and fashion blogs that I read during my lunch break at work? So, I am willing to do the research and experimenting for you and hopefully you will find some tips and products that work for your skin, your life, and your budget. I’ll also try my best to resist from making too many “skin” puns…like, come here for all the latest skinformation! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)