Skinsational Product of the Week: The Grapeseed Company

I am so excited to tell you about this product! As much as I love time-tested companies like Origins and Neutrogena, I also love discovering smaller companies with innovative ideas and unique products. I stumbled upon the website for The Grapeseed Company and was so intrigued by their story. Kristin and Peter founded The Grapeseed Company in 2004 in the wine-rich countryside of Santa Barbara, California. Their products are derived from the byproducts of winemaking, (giving rise to the concept of vinotherapy) and many of the ingredients are organic and local. What is clear from their website is just how much thought they put into every step of making their products, from using aloe juice instead of water (water is more bacteria-friendly), to bottling their products in a color that will help keep the product fresh. This thoughtfulness and commitment to their customers is also evident in their excellent customer service. Kristin recommended that I try their lavender and rose toner when I asked about their products on their blog. When the package arrived, the toner was beautifully wrapped in green tissue paper, and was accompanied by several free samples. Down to a handwritten thank you on the receipt, their attention to detail and care is unmatched. I am absolutely loving this toner! The smell is such a therapeutic blend of florals, and it settles very gently on my skin after I have cleansed and before I apply moisturizer. I am traveling for work at the end of the week and I think this will be just the product to stick in my purse so I can spritz at the end of the flight, when I’m feeling tired and greasy. Pour yourself a glass of merlot and do a little browsing through their products or their blog. Who knew red wine could be good for your heart, your soul, and you skin? I’ll drink to that!

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Skinsational Product of the Week: Origins White Tea Cleanser

Each week, I’ll highlight a “skinsational” skin care product that you absolutely need to know about. I mentioned in my last post how I struggle with dry skin throughout the winter. While Jergens was the solution for my hands, I consulted with the experts at Origins to find out what I was doing wrong on my face. Origins is one of my very favorite skin care lines. Not only are their products incredibly effective, but they are also ¬†affordable. They are an earth-friendly company that is committed to keeping all those hard-to-pronounce harsh chemicals out of their products, and I always find their employees to be very knowledgeable about products without being too pushy about buying.

Last time I went in for a consultation, the expert explained that the current moisturizer I was using was too harsh for the dry winter months. She instead suggested that I turn to the “A Perfect World” line and start my cleansing routine with the white tea cleanser ($20 for a 5 oz tube).¬†While this cleanser doesn’t foam up as much as I would like, it is very gentle while still giving you that clean, fresh sensation. Another thing I love about the A Perfect World line is that the white tea is an antioxidant, so I visualize myself putting a protective layer on my skin each morning before going out the door. While I love to start my morning with a cup of hazelnut, I am thinking about making to switch the white tea a couple mornings a week. According to this msnbc article, white tea is even more effective in fighting cancer than green tea! Now the question is what type to get. What do you think about Tazo’s White Cucumber? Mmmmmmm.

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