Cheat Sheets

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to make traveling completely stress-free. No facewash will hold your jacket for you as you’re putting on your shoes and belt on the other side of security. No toner will de-ice the plane any faster. No moisturizer will keep the baby from screaming for all. five. hours. But Clean &Clear’s Oil Absorbing Sheets, available at CVS for $5.79, did make my trip to Boston this past weekend significantly more enjoyable. Between the hassle of security, stale airplane air blowing in my face, and donut or pretzel dog that I’m usually scarfing down during my layover, my skin tends to acquire a greasy sheen to it. That’s why I picked up a pack of these sheets on the way to the airport. Dabbing  just one sheet  on my t-zone, nose, and chin was surprisingly effective in removing the excess oil. It left my face feeling so much lighter and smoother without leaving any patches of dryness. Along with drinking plenty of water, these sheets are the secret to looking effortlessly refreshed after a long day of travel. And when your college roommate or long-distance honey is waiting for you on the other end of your flight, the last thing you want to be thinking about is rushing to wash your face.

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