A Double-Shot for your Eyes

The good news: after an excruciatingly long Thursday (meeting, lunch meeting, meeting, conference call…) Friday is just eight hours and one deadline away. The bad news: the weekend forecast is nothing but a mix of rain and snow. Did March come in like a lamb? Because it is certainly going out like a lion. A cold, wintry lion. I was looking forward to going for a run around the Tidal Basin to mark the official start of the Cherry Blossom Festival, but it looks like it might be more of a read in bed sort of Saturday morning. To brighten up my weekend, I am thinking of picking up some fresh spring flowers along with a loaf of  Atwater’s cranberry pecan or kalamata olive bread at the FRESHFARM farmer’s market in Dupont. To brighten up my eyes before work tomorrow morning, there is one product that I will be reaching for: Origin’s GinZing eye cream ($29.50). Origins is really great about letting you take samples with you, which is how I discovered this product. I had never faithfully used eye cream before, and was a little unsure about where to start, especially since the skin around my eyes is so sensitive. GinZing is light, but packs a very powerful punch. It actually contains caffeine! Massaging it into the tops of your cheekbones and right below your brow bones will wake you up with a refreshing tingling, and will lighten up the shadows beneath your eyes better than an actual mug of coffee (although the two go together quite nicely). I’d also suggest sticking a little sample of it in your purse and reapplying after lunch to get you through the home stretch. If we can’t have sunshine, we can at least have bright eyes!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Images courtesy of rockvillemdflorist.com and instyle.com.


3 thoughts on “A Double-Shot for your Eyes

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  2. I love your suggestion of keeping a sample in your purse! I can’t believe I have never thought of that. I know there are times when I’m out and about and my eyes start to feel parched ( and when they are parched I know they look it!)

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